Covid 19 and the SAC 2020 move to the SAC 2021

Instead of being in Portugal for the start of the SAC 2020, I am sitting at my desk at home. What is happened? And what will we hope will happen in 2021.

Spring 2020, the Netherlands are beginning to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and are going into lock down. Personally I was never that busy. Still going to work as support off the critical systems to support the online study environment. Coming home helping the kids with home school. There was little to no time for myself and for the preparing to the SAC 2020. As more sailors heaving trouble to prepare the sailors that planned to do the SAC 2020 were in discussion still go for the SAC 2020, postpone to 2021 or do both. The organizer made the call it will be postponed to 2021. I think it was the best decision.

Than suddenly the we where able to move again and to do local sailing competition. With persons from the same household on one boat. As I was still very busy at work we decided to sail with Piccolo my old mini650 and the kids. It was a good call as we won in the class we where sailing in, and it is the best to sail with your kids.

Piccolo during the summer competition

On the end off the summer I got a very nice job offer for 3 days a week. Technical support in the Engineering department of UCR They also where willing to give me the room to sail the SAC 2021. So after the summer I was in a transfer period with 2 jobs leaving me not a lot of time to sail on Quark. I still work 2 days at the old job.

The plans for the next coming year. The next months I will focus on my new Job. What is very nice working with the students and faculty and staff at UCR. 3 D printers, Laser cutter, Electrical engineering and even a SEM. In a department that is newly Build at UCR.

Picture I have made with the SEM. A small piece of broken wood. Zoomed in 1050 times. Discovering new worlds

Sometime in April I will start to train with Quark. And this winter I will fine tune the equipment and steering system. And some other small things.

11 November 2021 the start is planned for the SAC 2021 the smallest ocean class. And I am very confident I will be at the start. And I hope with more international sailors.–przez-atlantyk-2020

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